Pennsylvania Tourism



February 29, 2016

Rock the Yough.

In Pennsylvania, our terrain is a natural wonder. It rocks. It flows. It plunges. It even towers 3,212 feet above sea level. With 117 state parks, more 2000+ lakes, breathtaking mountain ranges and thousands of miles of trails that traverse forests and cities, you’ll find the adventure that suits your style in our greater-than-great outdoors. Learn more at

Get Your Art Rate Pumping.

Philadelphia boasts over three thousand outdoor murals--more than anywhere else in the world. Enjoy them on foot or on wheels. Or, if museums with four walls are more your speed, we have dozens of them dedicated to art, history or both. They’re world-class. Planning a visit? Gear up for something amazing at

‘Snot For the Faint of Heart.

If our Frozen Snot 12-mile winter mountain run doesn’t give you cold shivers, the Boulder Dash surely will. It’s 20 miles of rocky, wooded terrain you can run through, jump over and slide down. In Pennsylvania, our extreme trail adventure races strike fear into the bravest hearts. They span all seasons and wind chill factors, so come dressed for battle--or not. Your own personal path to punishment begins at